Virtual 1-on-1 Facebook & IG Ads Training for online fit pros

with Rafael Balaguer from The Social Ad Trainer

If you're an online fit pro who needs a little (or a lot) of help figuring out how to run Facebook and Instagram ads for your business, then this training might be for you. 

I'm Rafael Balaguer (aka The Social Ad Trainer) and I've helped dozens of fit pros learn how to manage their own advertising so they can make the most of every dollar and get the word out about their online services. 













This training is by the hour, and the curriculum is completely customized to whatever you need help with. Most trainers who come to me need guidance with:

  • Figuring out how to set up targeting for their ideal client 

  • How to write ad copy that won't get declined 

  • Setting up their website or landing page so they can properly track performance

  • Understanding the different campaign and placement types

  • How much to spend and how to break out their budget 

  • How to understand performance and make changes to their campaign


If you want to do things right the first time around and avoid spending thousands of dollars and countless hours of your time piecing together random free information online, then you owe it to yourself to consider private training.  

Every training hour includes ongoing email support and a recording of the session so you won't have to worry about taking notes.