What's This Going To Cost?

Part 5:

by Rafael Balaguer

The Social Ad Trainer

The cost of Facebook ads without a smart strategy is going to be really damn expensive. I won’t lie to you. 


The same way walking into the gym without a plan or knowledge of proper form is going to be dangerous and a big waste of time. 

But no matter how much you hear that "Facebook ad costs are rising," I can assure you that they are still the single most affordable way to reach just about any kind of person in the world. 

I've bought ads for big brands in my career and most companies won't even take your calls if you're not spending at least $20k a month on ads. I kid you not.



Thankfully, you can spend as little as $5 a day on Facebook if you wanted.  


So to keep things affordable on FB/IG, my method is this…


Step 1: Isolate the people who actively show interest in what you have to say 


Step 2: Understand which parts of your message resonate the most with them


Step 3: Give them what they want


That’s a good business practice for any industry. Ads just allow you to control the narrative and the who, what, and where we talked about earlier.



I’ve worked with hundreds of fit pros and thankfully have all kinds of data about how their campaigns ran. 


They’ve spent all of the money and now I’m letting you in on the juicy parts. 


But remember, you shouldn’t be spending for the sake of getting traffic. You’re a business after all. Businesses need to make money. 


Stop thinking about spending money on ads as an expense and start thinking of it as an investment.


Much like the way your clients invest their time and money into you and end up looking and feeling better about themselves.  


When you start thinking about it this way, you understand that parting with a dollar now to make $5 later isn’t so scary. 


But like I said earlier, ads can be expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Especially if you think you can just drive people who don't know you to your online coaching page and get them to drop a few grand on you. Pro tip: that won't work.  


So to help you out, I’ve created a custom calculator that can predict what you’ll need to spend on ads (when you do them correctly) to reach whatever your revenue goal is. 













It’s free so you don’t have any excuses to not try it. You’ve gotten this far after all. 


All you’ll need to do is type in 2-3 numbers and you’ll get a custom breakout of what you can expect for your Facebook and Instagram ads. Easy enough.


It’s not perfect but it’s based on plenty of data from fit pros I’ve personally worked with. 


So to wrap things up before you head over to the calculator, I want you to remember these three things…


1. Constantly creating new content without a plan is a waste of your time and pretty expensive if you factor in the value of your time. 

2. Always think about who, what, and when your prospects are seeing your message or you risk losing their attention.


3. Ads aren’t the only solution but they can make your life so much easier if you know how to properly use them. 

(The calculator is powered by Facebook Messenger, so be sure to click the blue 

Get Started button on the next screen)

Without further ado...