The Power Of Ads To Make Things Suck Less

Part 4:

by Rafael Balaguer

The Social Ad Trainer

1. Who sees it: 

Facebook and Instagram literally have hundreds of thousands of targeting segments you can use to reach a very specific type of person. 


You want to reach people who are 39 years old, live within two blocks of Broadway and 57st, and have a birthday coming up in the next 30 days? Done. 


You want to reach women who just got engaged in the last 3 months, are trying to lose weight for their wedding, and just bought new workout tights? Done. 


You want to reach men who just got a new job, travel often for work, and don’t know how to keep their diet in check? Done. Done. Done. 


If you can dream it, Facebook will have something you can work with to execute on it. 


It’s actually pretty fun to come up with different combinations once you get the hang of it. 


2. When they see it:

Normally you’re at the mercy of the algorithm when it comes to sharing things organically. If your post isn’t a hit right out of the gate, the likelihood of it continuing to show up on feeds is slimmer with each passing day. 

(Same can be said about an email that's more than a day old)


But that’s not the case when you’re paying for it. 


After all, advertisers are how Facebook makes money. As a business, you’re their customer. As an average user, you’re their product.


Businesses try to make their customers happy. Happy customers = more money. 


Don’t you forget that for one second. 


So if you’re paying, Facebook WILL show people what you have to share. That doesn’t mean you can get away with creating shitty content and expect your ads to do well.


It just means your great stuff will continue to get a fair shot in front of your highly-targeted audience. 


Whether it’s day 2 or day 90. It doesn’t actually matter. Neither does the size of your existing email list or Facebook and Instagram follower count.


When you're paying, your audience is in the tens/hundreds of thousands and will continue to be new to whoever hasn’t seen it yet. 


3. Where they go after seeing it:


This is a big one. 


If you already have their contact information, great. But only living in an email inbox is a sad and scary place to be. 

It’s like being stranded on a tiny island and hoping passing planes see you jumping up and down for attention.

















Maybe they just so happen to be looking at the exact spot you’re standing. But most of the time you’ll go unnoticed. Surrounded by a literal sea or figurative sea of other emails.  


Paying for ads would be like if you knew the pilot was into comic book superheroes and you laid out a billboard on the sand that said: 


“Meet the cast of The Avengers! Land here!”


And if that somehow didn’t work, instantly switching it to:


“Stan Lee isn’t dead. He’s actually on this island and wants to meet you!” 


I don’t know about you but I’d like to get the hell off of the island. 


Ads help you control the message based on what they saw, what they did, or equally as important, what they didn’t do. 

So, for example...if someone found their way to your online coaching page but didn't submit a form, the next time they're on FB or IG, you can hit them up with a testimonial from a happy client and send them right back to the form page to try again.


And when you pair that with email or other forms of direct communication, you have a real shot of getting noticed and nurturing prospects into customers. 

But more importantly, you can guide them down a path that speaks to their specific concerns based on where they are in their fitness journey. 

Many fit pros who are scared of running ads try to convince themselves that "talking to real people" or "making real connections" is more important. 













But who the hell ever said those things are mutually exclusive? 

The whole point of ads is to introduce you to more people so you can have more conversations and make more connections. 

Having ads is not an excuse to automate everything and lose sight of the human side of this business. Got it? 


You're probably thinking "this all sounds great but what's it going to cost?"

Here's what you can expect to spend (this is where that gift I mentioned comes in)...