Doing More With Less  

Part 3:

by Rafael Balaguer

The Social Ad Trainer

Get 1,000 people to see one piece of content instead. My work here is done.


Seriously…just get 1,000 people to see one thing instead of constantly stressing out about creating something new.


You should be maximizing the mileage of each piece as much as possible. If you don’t, it’s like your content is a gas-guzzling Hummer when it could be a sexy new Tesla.














You’re probably so tired at the end of the day that when you finally have some time to create content, you just want to collapse. Why make your life harder than it has to be?


There are countless ways to get the views of each of your pieces up.


But most of those will involve things that are either out of your control (like getting people to share more) or involve you being more proactive about telling people about it (which will take more time). 


We’re trying to save time and focus on things you can control. No disrespect to the hustle.


Enter, something you can (mostly) control and that saves you A LOT of time: paid ads.


Maybe you’ve tried Facebook and Instagram ads before and they didn’t work out. Or maybe you haven’t because you’re overwhelmed about where to start.


Funny how this stuff can make you feel exactly the way your clients do about getting in shape.


Either way, resisting ads is like resisting a workout plan and just doing random exercises every time you hit the gym.



Sure, there’s a chance you could accidentally get the results you want, but eventually, you’ll plateau and give up along the way if you don't see continued success.


I’m not saying you NEED to pay for ads in order to have a successful business, but I am saying it’s a hell of a lot better than the “whisper a prayer into the wind and hope for the best” method.

Using your own network to build your in-person business is totally doable. Getting people thousands of miles away or in other countries to discovery your online business...not so much.


Hear me out...


These are the 3 core things ads help you control about your message:


Who sees it.


When they see it.


Where they go after seeing it.


Let’s compare that to sharing content organically. Shall we?


1. Who sees it:


Your existing email list, your existing followers, and maybe a few of their friends (if they share it).


👎Why this sucks:

Nurturing existing relationships is 100% important (we’ll get into that later). But the reality is, you don’t need to spend 2.5 hours making new stuff to keep those people happy and engaged.


The meaty stuff you’re making should be reserved for attracting NEW prospects. But when you keep sending stuff to just your email list or existing followers, you’re relying on shares to grow your audience.



Again, something you can’t control.


On top of that, who’s to say the people your stuff is being shared with are even your ideal clients? Is more views and shares really better in that case?  


2. When they see it:


You control when you send out emails or post on social media.


👎Why this sucks:


Sure, you control when you send things, but what happens on the 2nd day? Or 3rd day? Or a week later? Your email or post has now been replaced by newer and fresher things demanding your prospect's attention.


You’re old news. Sorry bout it.😬


Doesn’t it feel like shit when you spend so much time on something and barely get anyone to see or click on it?


It’s a slippery slope that can lead to giving up on this whole “online trainer” dream you’ve had for a while.


3. Where they go after seeing it:


You can add links that lead to your online/in-person coaching page or form.


👎Why this sucks:


Well, that one doesn’t suck. What sucks is if they didn’t click on it the first time around, you have no way of getting them back to it unless you send out ANOTHER piece of content.



Or if they arrived there from a social share and you don’t have their email address, you have ZERO way of reaching them again.


You can build out a fancy page with huge buttons and pop-ups but you can’t control that Karen was on her phone at the bus stop when she was reading your stuff.


Or that the bus came right as she reached the part where you pitch your online coaching.

Dammit, Karen! Pay attention to me! 


It doesn’t mean she wasn't interested. Life just got in the way.


Sucks for you though.


Here’s how paying for ads can actually help you combat the parts that suck…