The Real Cost Of Creating Content  

Part 2:

by Rafael Balaguer

The Social Ad Trainer

Let’s say you charge $70 an hour to train in-person clients. We’ll use that rate to assign value to your time. A solid piece of content takes most newbies about 2.5 hours to complete.


So that’s worth $175 and 2.5 hours of your life you’ll never get back.


The gurus will tell you it should take you an hour. But let’s be real, that doesn’t happen when you’re just starting out or haven’t made it a consistent habit.



Coming up with the idea, staring blankly at your computer as you try to figure out what to say, and formatting or editing it together all creep up on you.


Let’s say you normally get about 200 people to read/watch each piece of content you create. Since we’re trying to get to 1,000 people, you’re going to need to make 5 pieces of content.


1,000 people (Goal) / 200 people (Traffic for One Piece of Content) = 5 pieces 


And since each of those takes you 2.5 hours to make, you’ll be working on them for 12.5 hours.


2.5 Hours (One Piece of Content) x 5 (Pieces) = 12.5 Hours


Using your $70 rate (try this with your actual rate), that’s $875 of your time going into creating content that “doesn’t cost you anything.”



12.5 Hours x $70 (Your Hourly Rate) = $875 of time value



Still with me?



We’re assigning value to your time based on how much you charge, but, in reality, your time is priceless.



It’s time away from your friends, family, puppy, and anything else you’d rather be doing.


That’s not to say creating valuable content your audience will find helpful is worthless.


Of course, it’s not. But, unread or unwatched content is. And that's why creating MORE of it is a waste of time.


What’s so bad about spending time crafting your writing or video skills and teaching your audience something at the same time?


On the surface, nothing is “so bad” about that. I completely agree. But, there’s a time and place for it.


When you’re a fit pro who’s already exhausted from in-person training while simultaneously trying to build an online business…


There’s little time to waste on things that don’t move the needle.


Everything you do at this stage needs to be intentional. That’s the biggest difference between fit pros who make it in the online world and those who don’t.


Playing content roulette and just randomly picking something you think your audience will like, spending hours making it, publishing it and hoping that one day someone will read/watch it and decide they want to hire you is not how successful online coaching businesses are built.


And do you know why I particularly hate this method?


Because there’s so much about it that you can’t control. You can’t control who shares it. Who sees it. And who ends up hiring you.


It’s the classic marketing strategy called...


The “whisper a prayer into the wind and hope for the best” method.


Let’s stop doing that for your sake and start to do things you CAN control. The more intentional you can get, the better you'll be able to stop doing less of what’s working and more of what is.

So what should you do instead?