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Digital Newcomers have to focus on establishing a foundation in their online fitness business before spending money on ads. A lot of trainers think running ads will save their business, but in reality, it only amplifies what’s already there. 


They need to get clear on their own identity and how they want to show up in the world. Then focus on who they think they can help. Being clear on those things makes it much easier to nail down targeting, create amazing ad copy, and publish content that will make their prospects drool. 


Being online means you’re competing with the rest of the world, not just the people within 5 miles of the gym you work at. That said, you need to be clear on what makes you unique.


On a basic level, Digital Newcomers need to establish themselves online. It’s not enough to have worked with in-person clients. Read my thoughts on why each question in this quiz is important below and start working towards setting yourself up for success. 


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Question 1 of 10

Have you trained clients in-person for at least 1-2 years?

Being an online trainer requires a very different skill set than being an in-person trainer.


But like any job, having at least 1-2 years of experience under your belt will help you anticipate what problems people are going to have and how you can help them through it.


Not to mention, having experience in person gives you some solid testimonials to use for your online business.

Question 2 of 10

How clear are you on the ideal person and result you're an expert at delivering?

Being confident about what you can deliver and who you want to work with shows up in a few different ways when it comes to online ads. 


#1 Your ad copy will need to speak directly and confidently about what you’re good at. It will attract the right people, repel the wrong people, and set you apart from everyone else.


#2 You’ll have to physically enter who you’re targeting into Facebook’s ad platform. The right message to the wrong audience does you no good. Clarity on this will give you a strong starting point for your campaigns. 

Question 3 of 10

Do you have access to at least 4-5 solid testimonials (image/video + text) from past clients?

You won’t have the benefit of people just picking you because you’re located near where they live or work. To stand out online you’ll need to have a proven record you can point people to. 


Strong testimonials also help to reinforce who you’re trying to attract. If people can imagine their own success by looking at your past clients, it will make closing the sale with the hundreds of people your ads will attract much easier.

Question 4 of 10

Do you already have a system in place to acquire and onboard online clients WITHOUT paid ads?

Paid ads are a force multiplier. They can take whatever you’re doing that’s already working and blow it up beyond anything you thought was possible. If you don’t already have a way to onboard clients, sending hundreds or thousands of people your way won’t help solve that. 


You should at the very least have a simple website, intake form, and follow-up procedure before spending money on advertising. 


There needs to be a clear path to work with you. Prospects aren’t just going to fall on your digital lap. Thankfully, this part is pretty easy to get up and running in a few hours.

Question 5 of 10

On a scale of Olympic medals, how would you rate your ability to close sales once you're speaking directly to an interested prospect?

You could have the best ads in the world, but if you’re not great at closing sales in person, doing it over the phone or a video call isn’t going to make it any easier. 


Having a basic sales script (plenty of templates online) that addresses objections and guides people psychologically to a “YES!” should be in place before running ads.

Question 6 of 10

On a scale of Boss to Intern, how would you rate your ability to create helpful online content? (e.g. on your website, social media, email)

Since you aren’t speaking to these people in real life, you’ll need to build rapport in some way. Your identity online will be directly tied to the content you publish. No content means you essentially don’t exist. 


The great thing about running ads is that it’ll get WAAAY more people to see the stuff you’re creating. You just need SOMETHING in order to get started. I also find that trainers who regularly create great online content are usually better at writing copy for their ads.

Question 7 of 10

Do you currently have a piece of relevant content you give out in exchange for a prospect's contact info?

Getting someone who doesn’t know you to just drop a few hundred bucks a month after seeing a single ad is nearly impossible. Facebook and Instagram ads should be used to grow your audience (i.e. email/contact list), not to sell them something right away. 


The easiest way to grow your audience is to create content that speaks directly to the person you’re trying to help. Much like this quiz was created to help you. Once you’re able to speak to them directly via email or by some other means (Messenger), you don’t have to keep paying for it. 


Ads help you get attention and kick-start the conversation, then it’s up to you to finish it.

Question 8 of 10

How would you rate your ability to speak on camera and seem "natural"?

Like I said earlier, your online identity is 100% tied to the content you publish. Being good on camera makes selling your services 1,000x easier. Is it entirely necessary? No. But is it a skill worth having? 1,000x yes. 


People need to feel like they know you and the easiest way to do that online is for them to see your face and hear your voice. 


If you hate being on camera, sorry, you’re going to have to suck it up and get better at it. You don’t need to be great on camera to get started with ads, but this skill will boost your success and diversify your ad creative.

Question 9 of 10

Be you think of paying for marketing as an expense or an investment?

Many people have been disillusioned into believing that having an Instagram and Facebook account that they can post on for free is enough. It’s not. 


99.9% of online trainers that are scaling and making big money are running some form of paid advertising. Like I said, ads are a force multiplier. If you’re doing marketing right, it should be an investment in your business. 


The sooner you accept that reality, the faster you’ll be able to grow your online business.

Question 10 of 10

Be you think of paying for marketing as an expense or an investment?

You aren’t going to get everything right every time. Running ads and seeing what people react to is a learning process. It would be like a client firing you because they didn’t reach their goal weight after working with you for a month. 


It would be easy to spend a little money, not get the results you want, then dismiss Facebook & Instagram ads altogether.  But I’ve worked with over 50+ trainers who have made it work. Each one of them had a plan in place. 


You’ll need to practice what you preach to your clients. Putting in the work, following a plan, and adapting that plan as you go is the only way you’ll reach success with ads. Accepting that you’ll need to spend money to learn for yourself is just a reality.

So, are you in this for the long haul?